Dragana (1990)

At first I was afraid if I can do it because I have a soft character. Single moment I was hungry, I slept better and easier functioning from day to day so that the fear disappeared almost immediately. I felt better and now to maintain and still feel great and I returned an ounce. I’d like to say that I am more than satisfied with the results and would recommend the same to everyone.

Olga (2000)

I was always moked at school since I was a fat kid, but I ignored it. When my mother suggested that we come to see Ana, I hardly accepted it. Since I met Anu I have completely different opinions about doctors, it's a wonderful man, a very beautiful and gives me the recipes is not hard to be in this diet.

Jovana (1984)

Due to increased body weight for many years I could not get pregnant. With the help of a specialist not only did I lose pounds but also got pregnant. I continued with this diet regime because I realized that there is nothing healthier for my baby and me.

Miloš (1966)

I have a very stressful job, and irregular diet and I started having problems with obesity and elevated cholesterol levels. With Anna's program not only been solved his health already loved and fruits that previously never consummated.

Aleksandra (1971)

This is the first time that I am on a diet, but to feel satiated. For me it does not even represent a diet more healthy diet, which was adopted by my family. I've never hungry, always have more food than they can eat, which in previous diets did not happen, and what is most importantly a healthy way thin. I am very happy because finally do not have to starve myself in order to achieve your goal.

Marija (1965)

Since I'm on a diet that is prescribed by Ana my waist began to return to the girls' rate, although it was 50 years ago, I feel much better, lighter somehow. Once I was on the third floor was very hard to climb, now up to sixth go on foot. I am infinitely grateful for everything.

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